Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Character References

if you dont think these are the best official references ever put out, you need to take a lap friend

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today, my school hosted an exhibit for suicide awareness day. the exhibit included 1,100 backpacks in representation of the number of lives that are lost to mental illness each year on college campuses. many of these backpacks were donated by the families that lost loved ones and had their stories attached. i’m so proud of my school for bringing attention to such a serious issue.

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Do you think you're a character in Nozaki's manga?

ASKED BY Anonymous.
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GSNK Anthology - The King’s Game, Nozaki-kun by Izumi Tsubaki

Scanned by setorabu (here)

Well, putting it together, it makes a bit more sense now. I guess it’s good enough for a rough translation. 

Edit: Changed page 1, ending of 3, page 9 and page 10 

I read pyralisa’s translation, so I changed some things. The major one is for page 3, since I totally misinterpreted that. And, I changed the format of the photoset.

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Kiss Kick Fall in Love

he’s letting it happen xD

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syn•es•the•sia or syn•aes•the•sia


a sensation produced in one modality when a stimulus is applied to another modality, as when the hearing of a certain sound induces the visualization of a certain color.
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"Actually, two children escaped from the facility."

"Do you know their names?"

"The children did not have names. They were called by their numbers. One was subject number 9. The other was number 12. They started a fire and took down security systems to make their escape."

↳ Nine’s nightmare

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